30 September, 2013

Final day of 30 in 30

Or in my life, as many as I could manageably do!  Wow - I didn't finish as many paintings as I would have liked (life just gets busy like that), but I did paint more than I have painted in far too long and it feels really good.

One of my goals during this challenge was to try to incorporate painting into my daily routine, I can happily say that for the most part I have created a new "habit".  (it takes 30 days to create a habit)  I have kept myself from easy distractions, and really tried to zero in on what brings me joy.  The rest of the "stuff" that weaves in and out of my days really is inconsequential, the things I MAKE time for, family, non-negotiable obligations, activities, painting are the things that make me feel happy at the end of the day.  Shopping is fun, but after the rush of the find I just have to make room in my closet so whatever I might have bought can collect dust since I mainly dress in my daily workout wear.  I've learned this month to let a bit of the silly stuff go, drying hair for one is just a time sucker and since I'm not brave enough for a "pixie" cut, wet hair is fine, hey it dries eventually!

This little tree is one that I love, and while it isn't freshly painted it is perfectly Fall.

So what is my challenge for October?  More painting, attending one of Leslie Saeta's workshops, and learning more about the blog world.

There will come a day when I finally write down all the family & friends birthdays in one spot, clean closets, clean my hard drive,  (YAWN I'm bored already), but I'm pretty sure it won't be during October.

Find the color in the falling leaves.

25 September, 2013

It's a process

This little beach scene is "in progress" . . . stay tuned for several more photos that took me up to this point.  Who knew skin tone & sand could make my head spin?

23 September, 2013

Baseball colors

Baseball, baseball, baseball!  
 6x6     $75 (email or comment if interested)

Which color is it this time?  Every season, we have a new "favorite" color.  Let's see last Spring it was black w/turquoise (the old "marlin's" logo), last Fall black, this Fall light blue (some might mistakenly call it "baby blue" but in baseball that might get you killed, stick to light blue, please).  Admittedly, when I saw the light blue I thought, really light blue - in baseball that is deadly.

Honestly, baseball is the best of colors, baseball is the gift of long awaited seasons.  A long cold winter, makes me dream of allergy sneezes, of pollen covered porches (well everything is pollen covered), of shorts I probably need to pass on to my daughter (goodbye 5" inseams, helloooo knickers or maybe that is worse . . .).  Spring ball is well earned sweat, unlike the kind you get wearing a down coat in a South Carolina winter.  Spring baseball is fresh uniforms itching for good "sliding home" stains, mom's finding their "momma roar", dad's getting booted or at least a stern look from a Ref and sisters buying Big League Chew for the ENTIRE team because she is a part of it all regardless if she is on the official roster.  Spring Little league baseball is kind of like the excitement of Fall Rush in College, finding your spot, the excitement of the newness and settlling in to that new routine (except we parents get to be a part of Little league - we still have to drive them there)!

After the intense heat or for 2013 the damp, wet Pacific Northwest invasion, this season of Fall ball is more relaxed.   Stained uniform knees, red clay dirt fields, yellowed leaves parachuting instead of becoming brittle on the branch, this is Fall.  Fall ball doesn't keep score, (unlike some of my favorite jeans), that is up to the kids. New skills are learned, old skills are polished, friendships are made and a wide section of community is joined beyond zip codes and lunch rooms.  Come Spring it levels out, like everything else that I have ever experienced, practice makes you better. 

Time to get painting, practice, practice, practice!

20 September, 2013

20 Days in

Time flies when I paint, times flies when I don't but it just isn't as rewarding to see a clean studio space.  A clean studio means I haven't been painting. 

This week threw me a few curve balls, which disrupted my daily painting.  C'est la vie. (I am French after all, well my Grandmother grew up in Commercy, France so I'm stretching a tiny bit.)

And the Power Ball lottery ticket was picked in SC! Too bad it wasn't mine.

Oh how I digress!  

Now back to the main thing, my painting!  This one, as most of these are in this challenge, is meaningful to a very special friend of mine.  "Cat's" mom has been in heaven for years but Cat is her only daughter and they had from what she has shared had a beautifully southern mother daughter bond. Cat is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the priviledge to call a friend and a mentor of sorts.  She has taught me things I knew already but somehow by watching her, I decided to put some of those things into action.  Can you tell how much I love her?

This painting is to honor a time worn, hand rubbed knife that her mother used daily.  We created a "still life" with a few things from her kitchen, "my" favorite pepper grinder (I cannot tell you how much I adore this relic), one tattered, stained Junior League cookbook with plastic binding, greenery, etc.  I could probably keep tweaking this one a bit but then again I think I should just let her be.
Cat hasn't seen it yet, keep your fingers crossed that she loves it - I'm talking tears here!

Get painting!

18 September, 2013

Tea Time

Almost daily I drink tea, sometimes I think I just want to see the message my "Yogi" has for me . . .

Yeah, life is certainly a flow and participation is a whole lot more fun than the alternative.  Sometimes when I paint I flow, you know, the painting just seems to happen easily, quickly.  Often these paintings are some of my most favorite pieces, good energy, good flow.

I think I am going to stop sketching out paintings for a few days and just let my paintings "flow", it's just paint and I need to get out of my head a bit. 

Time to make that tea, start some tunes and let the painting flow.


14 September, 2013


Ochre is one color that seems to signal Fall and maybe this explains it . . .

(/ˈkər/ oh-kər; from Greek) (pale yellow, pale)
 a natural earth pigment containing hydrated iron oxide
which ranges in color from yellow to deep orange or brown. 
It is also the name of the colors produced by this pigment, 
especially a light brownish-yellow.

The deep colors, the pigment of the earth, that is beautiful just saying it, right?  Deep oranges and browns also happen to be my best colors to wear so perhaps that explains my affinity, no?   Color alone cannot evoke the feeling of the chilly air on my legs, my tattered treasured sweatshirt and steaming mug of chai tea warming my heart.  Fall is really like a hug, one that envelops you whole.

I can't help but find myself holding my breath as I step out to my porch each morning just hoping to feel that oh so welcome chill that Fall is near.  While I'm out there I will be enjoying the changing colors of the leaves in shades of ochre.
You gotta love a porch.

What's your color?

13 September, 2013

My girl

My Girl

This painting is of my daughter so I took extra care with her.  I have to admit, I am pleased.  She's a keeper!

Peace, Love & Horses,