20 September, 2013

20 Days in

Time flies when I paint, times flies when I don't but it just isn't as rewarding to see a clean studio space.  A clean studio means I haven't been painting. 

This week threw me a few curve balls, which disrupted my daily painting.  C'est la vie. (I am French after all, well my Grandmother grew up in Commercy, France so I'm stretching a tiny bit.)

And the Power Ball lottery ticket was picked in SC! Too bad it wasn't mine.

Oh how I digress!  

Now back to the main thing, my painting!  This one, as most of these are in this challenge, is meaningful to a very special friend of mine.  "Cat's" mom has been in heaven for years but Cat is her only daughter and they had from what she has shared had a beautifully southern mother daughter bond. Cat is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the priviledge to call a friend and a mentor of sorts.  She has taught me things I knew already but somehow by watching her, I decided to put some of those things into action.  Can you tell how much I love her?

This painting is to honor a time worn, hand rubbed knife that her mother used daily.  We created a "still life" with a few things from her kitchen, "my" favorite pepper grinder (I cannot tell you how much I adore this relic), one tattered, stained Junior League cookbook with plastic binding, greenery, etc.  I could probably keep tweaking this one a bit but then again I think I should just let her be.
Cat hasn't seen it yet, keep your fingers crossed that she loves it - I'm talking tears here!

Get painting!

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