03 September, 2013

30 Paintings in 30 Days! Yes - I am crazy . . .

 For the next 28 days or for a good bit of September I am participating in a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge by Leslie Saeta.  Why?  I know right? It's kind of like signing up for a race, I just can't make myself put in the miles if I am not accountable so this is my "painting" race of sorts.

These first few paintings are reminding me of those first few runs, where I thought I might stop before I got out of the Y parking lot or flag down a luxury vehicle cruising down McDaniel to save me.  But as my thumps gave to a nice light rhythm and my breath allowed me to chat, I realized that running like most everything in life is all about what you give it.  Practice makes perfect or at least much better.  So this is my painting practice race, so far I have not heard about any t-shirts or medals but maybe we should look into it - I know I will certainly earn it with a smile on my face and a long soak when it's complete Sept 30th.

So far I have completed 2, I realize I may not post everyday and life may throw a curve here and there but I am committed to this challenge and myself to paint as much as I can (and not the easy stuff), come October I will be on the better side for it.

So find a little color in your sky, it's good for you!

So here are my first 2 paintings . . .

"Morning Notes"
"Animal Menagerie"

Work of caution!  Don't accidentally drink your dirty palette knife water, it's nasty, that's when I knew it was time to STOP!


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  1. Really love your paintings, especially the bright colors and the texture you get with the palette knife!! I can relate on so many levels with the running around trying to get my To Do list checked off, but most important is to have fun with the challenge. I signed up to follow your blog, I just stared mine for Leslie's challenge :)