23 September, 2013

Baseball colors

Baseball, baseball, baseball!  
 6x6     $75 (email or comment if interested)

Which color is it this time?  Every season, we have a new "favorite" color.  Let's see last Spring it was black w/turquoise (the old "marlin's" logo), last Fall black, this Fall light blue (some might mistakenly call it "baby blue" but in baseball that might get you killed, stick to light blue, please).  Admittedly, when I saw the light blue I thought, really light blue - in baseball that is deadly.

Honestly, baseball is the best of colors, baseball is the gift of long awaited seasons.  A long cold winter, makes me dream of allergy sneezes, of pollen covered porches (well everything is pollen covered), of shorts I probably need to pass on to my daughter (goodbye 5" inseams, helloooo knickers or maybe that is worse . . .).  Spring ball is well earned sweat, unlike the kind you get wearing a down coat in a South Carolina winter.  Spring baseball is fresh uniforms itching for good "sliding home" stains, mom's finding their "momma roar", dad's getting booted or at least a stern look from a Ref and sisters buying Big League Chew for the ENTIRE team because she is a part of it all regardless if she is on the official roster.  Spring Little league baseball is kind of like the excitement of Fall Rush in College, finding your spot, the excitement of the newness and settlling in to that new routine (except we parents get to be a part of Little league - we still have to drive them there)!

After the intense heat or for 2013 the damp, wet Pacific Northwest invasion, this season of Fall ball is more relaxed.   Stained uniform knees, red clay dirt fields, yellowed leaves parachuting instead of becoming brittle on the branch, this is Fall.  Fall ball doesn't keep score, (unlike some of my favorite jeans), that is up to the kids. New skills are learned, old skills are polished, friendships are made and a wide section of community is joined beyond zip codes and lunch rooms.  Come Spring it levels out, like everything else that I have ever experienced, practice makes you better. 

Time to get painting, practice, practice, practice!

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