30 September, 2013

Final day of 30 in 30

Or in my life, as many as I could manageably do!  Wow - I didn't finish as many paintings as I would have liked (life just gets busy like that), but I did paint more than I have painted in far too long and it feels really good.

One of my goals during this challenge was to try to incorporate painting into my daily routine, I can happily say that for the most part I have created a new "habit".  (it takes 30 days to create a habit)  I have kept myself from easy distractions, and really tried to zero in on what brings me joy.  The rest of the "stuff" that weaves in and out of my days really is inconsequential, the things I MAKE time for, family, non-negotiable obligations, activities, painting are the things that make me feel happy at the end of the day.  Shopping is fun, but after the rush of the find I just have to make room in my closet so whatever I might have bought can collect dust since I mainly dress in my daily workout wear.  I've learned this month to let a bit of the silly stuff go, drying hair for one is just a time sucker and since I'm not brave enough for a "pixie" cut, wet hair is fine, hey it dries eventually!

This little tree is one that I love, and while it isn't freshly painted it is perfectly Fall.

So what is my challenge for October?  More painting, attending one of Leslie Saeta's workshops, and learning more about the blog world.

There will come a day when I finally write down all the family & friends birthdays in one spot, clean closets, clean my hard drive,  (YAWN I'm bored already), but I'm pretty sure it won't be during October.

Find the color in the falling leaves.

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