14 September, 2013


Ochre is one color that seems to signal Fall and maybe this explains it . . .

(/ˈkər/ oh-kər; from Greek) (pale yellow, pale)
 a natural earth pigment containing hydrated iron oxide
which ranges in color from yellow to deep orange or brown. 
It is also the name of the colors produced by this pigment, 
especially a light brownish-yellow.

The deep colors, the pigment of the earth, that is beautiful just saying it, right?  Deep oranges and browns also happen to be my best colors to wear so perhaps that explains my affinity, no?   Color alone cannot evoke the feeling of the chilly air on my legs, my tattered treasured sweatshirt and steaming mug of chai tea warming my heart.  Fall is really like a hug, one that envelops you whole.

I can't help but find myself holding my breath as I step out to my porch each morning just hoping to feel that oh so welcome chill that Fall is near.  While I'm out there I will be enjoying the changing colors of the leaves in shades of ochre.
You gotta love a porch.

What's your color?

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